Maximizing Your Storage Space

Storage units are a great solution for keeping items that you either do not have space for or do not use frequently safely stowed away. Whatever your reason for renting a storage unit, you will want to use your unit to its fullest potential. Organization is the key to maximizing the space that you have and ensuring easy access to your belongings in the future. Below we’ll discuss some tips on the best ways to organize your storage unit.


Create an Inventory List

It’s easy to forget exactly what you have in your storage unit, especially when it comes to smaller items. This is why creating and maintaining an inventory list is so important. You’ll want to record each item in a spreadsheet with a detailed description and possibly even a photo of the item.


Label Your Boxes

The more specific you can be when labeling, the better. Be sure to label not only the top of the box but also the sides. This step will save you time and effort when you are trying to find an item.


Disassemble Furniture

This extra step may be a hassle at the time but it’s an excellent way to optimize the space you have.


Place Frequently Used Items Towards the Front

Anything you’ll need to get to often, like seasonal clothing and holiday decorations, should be placed toward the front of your storage unit. That way, they’ll be easily accessible when you need them.


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Mixed-Use Development

Mixed-use is a term used to describe a type of urban development that combines residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and entertainment into one cohesive space.

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